Advice for Clients

Advice for before the hairdressing service is performed:

A complete and in-depth consultation should occur before the product is applied.

If a hair dye is going to be used, a patch test should be performed 48 hours before the service.

If a bleach, chemical straightening, or perm product is to be used, a strand test should be performed to ensure your hair can withstand the process and achieve the look you desire without compromising the quality too much.

You should understand what product will be used and why (it may be wise to ask if there is an alternative!)

Ask for the name of the product that is going to be used. How long should the product be in contact with the skin or hair?

Time it or document it via photos which can be taken easily on your phone.

If you feel any discomfort, inform your stylist or the manager of the salon.

If you feel any pain or burning, ask immediately for the product to be washed off, the colour may be incorrect, but it is better to have discoloured/under processed hair than scorched hair or a chemically burnt scalp.

Advice if damage has occured

Determine the extent/type of the damage (signals of severe scalp damage)

Signs of scalp damage:

  1. Pain
  2. Numbness
  3. Weeping
  4. Blistering

If you suffer from any of the above, you should seek medical attention.

Signs of Severe hair damage:

  1. Hair breaking
  2. Dry coarse feeling to the hair.
  3. Matting
  4. Slimy feeling to the hair when wet.

You can call the hairdresser for advice on what has occurred; however, if you feel you cannot return or communication has broken, you may wish to seek advice from a 3rd party hairdresser.

These may advise you on what has occurred and what can be done to help; however, if you are thinking of seeking legal advice, please read our advice before you commit to further hairdressing processes.

Further reading:

All hairdressers should adhere to hairdressing standards as set out in the National Occupation Standards (NOS) these are easy to access at

Simply enter into the keyword search what service you have had performed (or wish to have performed and there will be several downloadable standards for you to read to ensue you and your hairdresser knows what is standard for the service requested.

Advice if you are thinking of taking legal action


Photograph everything you can, which is to do with the hair/scalp damage.

Write down a clear version of what happened, including a time frame not only when it happened but the times of what happened on the day).

Document if you visited anyone for medical advice.

Document the medical advice.

Preserve the damage (for hair)

You may be tempted to cut the hair damage out or re-colour the hair; try to avoid this if you are going to pursue a legal claim.

Seek professional advice

Speak to a solicitor as soon as possible. They will be able to advise you further.

DO NOT perform any further chemical services on the hair until the damage has been professionally evaluated and documented.